The Design House Concrete Structure With Glass And Natural Materials

This stunning design house of glass combined with concrete structure and natural materials located on the edge of a cliff area, the house is organized by a native, stacked stone 182 feet long and 21 meters high wall. Designed by architects Cunningham, this glass cantilevered design of the house concrete awning acts as a break through the wall into and through the house, the maps offer views through the dense brush up against the open view to the west.

As a counterpoint to the long, low house beautifully situated in the original vegetation, increases in the observation tower at the north end of the housing for residents over the treetops. Magnificent view of several thousand hectares of protected habitat, as well as distant views of Dallas and Fort Worth to tour his favorite perch.

The east wall is a wall of masonry load high insulation found in the source field. Mono-slope of the roof consists of 10 ", laminated beams SIP, allowing 8 'long overhangs the west crystal. Simple slab on grade concrete floors are interrupted by the head areas of mesquite wood medallion. Gypsum pigmented cement, other Texas wood, copper, slate and glass round on the Materials palette.

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