Unique Architecture With Contemporary Design Small Family Glass Home

Did you ever think about making the house in the big city with unique architecture? You can take this home with mullioned window changed to a modern glass house. We can see more views of this small house design. If you have a small family with two children was good news for you. This modern glass home is one of many favorite design at home in nature. You can see the beautiful view of your home in every angel in the house. House Sprojs was the name given to this small modern house was designed by Vision Solutions. It can be home imaging for you and your family. House Sprojs is Swedish.

This is a small modern house has an elegant design and good privacy. The mullioned window covering the front of the house facing the garden leading down to the nearby lake. Wow, there are wonderful things for the new experience. The house should be a large bedroom, a bathroom with laundry care, a work room and a room for coffee and breakfast. Energy efficient and modern design is used to create a stunning modern house. The glass corridor will also be the entrance to the house for two open areas on a lake at sunrise and return against the sunset to enjoy summer. You can enjoy nature at home within this modern glass house with your beautiful family.

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