Small House Design in Philippines

Most of the countries in Asia experience maximum six months of summer, and lest months for the rest of the weathers. Philippine Isa country located in the southeast of the Asia,and is as hot as the other countries in Philippines. The house design Philippines are very diversified, and unique, it is very creative and interesting. One of the most common house design Philippines the mud house in Philippines. This country is not amongst the rich or well off countries of Asia, and therefore there are not very expensive houses in that country.

But still people tend to afford average living style, and are happy to maintain their living into a mud house. House design Philippines are less creative if compared to those in Middle East and European countries, and are still very coordinated with the latest fashion and cultural heritage of that area. The mud house is made up of the mud and clay in the form of a hut shape villa, and it is very cool and airy. This type of house is found on the sea shores and fishing areas, where people may live and fish easily and comfortably.

modern house design philippines.

Philippines small house designs and floor plans.

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