Luxury, Modern and Comfortable House Design

A spectacular designed and masterpiece of architect, Casa de Valentina designed by Selma Tammaro, located in Sao Paulo. This beautiful house covered huge area with spacious rooms and inner side. This two storey house is sufficient for family of four of five members. The living room has high roof but add low roof to give way to second floor. Excessive glass work on all possible sides gives much light and air to the house. The extended outside view and spectacular scenery around the home gives beautiful view and greenery outside. The combination of new and trendy styles of house with modern furniture adds elegance of the house.

The house is luxurious and comfortable one with high roof up to the roof of second floor. All modern building and architectural structures stands on big and lengthy pillars to gives extra space for use of glass rather than depending on brick walls to the houses. Beautiful garden with flowery plants and sculpture of animals looks elegant and stunning in front of the house. Spacious garage present on the side of house has capacity of accommodating two cars or vehicles. This house is divided into different portions like bedrooms, living rooms and kid area on the ground and first floor.

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