Modern Cozy Home Renewed from Stone Barn by McGarry-Moon Architects

Not thought of a stone barn house renewed by McGarry-Moon Architects who put all their skills and efforts in its design and construction. The Loughloughan barn has taken its inspiration from modern art and decorated with several interesting elements to provide comfortable and environmental friendly living place. The original stone shape and structure is maintained and modern ideas are implemented for making it more dynamic and clean. This house gives a feel and appeal of Stone Age culture which has been modernized with metallic structure to hold the glass walls.

The outer metallic framework and large windows are added from floor to ceiling for extra light and view. The sunlight seeps into the interior of barn with all its light and warmth in the cold weather of Ireland. The architects have given due care to both the modern technology and traditional art in providing maximum comfort and relaxation to the family. Designed and completed in 21st century, this exquisite loughloughan barn house helps the viewer to discover rural architecture and environment in spare time. The house interior is decorated with mercury lightening, wooden furniture, stylish fire place and a gourmet kitchen.

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